How do you use the midpoint rule to estimate area?

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May 28, 2018

show below please.


A good way to approximate areas with rectangles is to make each rectangle cross the curve at the midpoint of that rectangles top side.
A midpoint sum is a much better estimate of area than either a left-rectangle or right-rectangle sum.

The figure below shows you why it is better:


You can see in the figure that the part of each rectangle that’s above the curve looks about the same size as the gap between the rectangle and the curve.
A midpoint sum produces such a good estimate because these two errors roughly cancel out each other.

#"Midpoint Rectangle Rule"#

You can approximate the exact area under a curve between a and b


with a sum of midpoint rectangles given by the following formula.

In general, the more rectangles, the better the estimate:


Where, n is the number of rectangles


is the width of each rectangle, and the function values are the heights of the rectangles.