How do you view other people's community scratchpads?

I can create my own but can't seem to view anyone else's.

1 Answer
Nov 21, 2016

They have to share them with you.


As you've probably noticed, the scratchpads that you create can be secret or public. The latter scratchpads are called community scratchpads.

The important difference between the two types of scratchpads is the fact that the private scratchpads cannot be seen by other contributors, whilst the community ones can be seen by other contributors.

If you want to share a scratchpad with another contributor, you must

  • make sure that it is a community scratchpad
  • share the link with them

For example, if I want to share a scratchpad with you, I must make sure that it's a community scratchpad and send you the link. Here's an example of a community scratchpad

On the other hand, a secret scratchpad is hidden for other contributors. Here's an example of a secret scratchpad

So, if you want to see other people's scratchpads, ask them to make them public and share the links with you.

Community scratchpads must be shared "manually", so to speak, because they are not listed anywhere on the site.