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How do you write an equation that passes through the point (-2, 4) with a slope of 1/2?

1 Answer
Mar 9, 2018


See a solution process below:


We can use the point-slope formula to write an equation for the line passing through the two points in the problem, The point-slope form of a linear equation is: #(y - color(blue)(y_1)) = color(red)(m)(x - color(blue)(x_1))#

Where #(color(blue)(x_1), color(blue)(y_1))# is a point on the line and #color(red)(m)# is the slope.

Substituting gives:

#(y - color(blue)(4)) = color(red)(1/2)(x - color(blue)(-2))#

#(y - color(blue)(4)) = color(red)(1/2)(x + color(blue)(2))#