How has astronomy changed the world?

1 Answer
Apr 20, 2018

It has changed the way we see everything in really big ways


The first person to look out in space with a telescope was Galileo Galilei. He got his inspiration from Hans Lippershey than invented the spyglass year 1609. When the spyglass was discovered, it got Galileo's interest and he started making one of his own. The first one he made had a zoom of x3. He continiued improving the spyglass and managed to give it a zoom of x33. He then pointed it towards the sky and saw all the stars and galaxies out there. He also saw that the earth was orbiting the sun and not vice versa. Gallileo got punished by the pope for this discovery because it defied the bible.

This changed alot because he was able to prove that the earth was orbiting the sun, making more people question the bible and making more people wanting to find out more about space. So astronomy has been a big factor when it comes to the trustworthiness of the bible. Without astronomy, we would probably not have atheism and the church would have a big impact on all of our behavior.

Johannes Kepler also did some big contributions to our knowledge about other celestial bodies. He was the one who calculated the orbit of the other planets using 3 laws that he came up with and published in the year 1609. His calculations showed that the orbits of the planets are not round but more of an elliptical orbit. His discovery has helped us today because the way we calculate the trajectory of asteroids comes from his calculations.

Astronomy had a really big leap during the 20th century when russia and USA was competing with eachother about launching a human into space and to the moon. The moon landing, that almost everyone know about, was a big leap for astronomy and really changed the world in many ways. Many space programs started broadcasting, many new programs for kids was created and many students was inspired to become astronomers.

Because of astronomy we have been able to come up with new theories for how the universe was created, getting more religius freedom and separating us from christianity more and more. We have also gotten a way of predicting the course of asteroids and giving us more knowledge of how the universe works.