How is chlorophyll arranged?

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Aug 20, 2016

Most of the chlorophyll molecules are physically involved with intrinsic proteins, forming chlorophyll-protein complexes.


Chlorophyll molecules and structural proteins are assembled in the following complexes:

The Photosystem (PS) I complex which has the reaction center molecule P700 (pigment absorbing at 700 nm).and a high chlorophyll a /chlorophyll b ratio.

The PS II complex which has a low a/b ratio and is present mainly in grana thylakoids.enter image source here

Chlorophyll is an asymmetrical molecule having a hydrophilic head made of four pyrrole rings bound to each other and forming a porphyrin. In chlorophyll, there is a Mg atom forming a complex with the four rings.. Chlorophyll has a long hydrophobic chain, attached to one of the rings.

Source for image: faculty.