How is spectroscopy used in forensics or in industry?

1 Answer
Jan 16, 2016

Here are just a few of the ways that spectroscopy is used in forensics.


Different techniques are often used on the same samples, because each method gives different information.

Near-IR and Fourier Transform IR spectroscopy

  • measurement of blood alcohol content
  • analysis of drug, fibre, and paint samples
  • visualization of bruises and bite marks on tissue
  • detection of blood and explosives

Diffuse Reflectance Near-IR Spectroscopy

  • establishing time of death

Raman Spectroscopy

  • analysis of paint and fibres.
  • analysis of inks, explosives, drugs, and minerals

Ultraviolet Spectroscopy

  • detection of body fluids, hair, and fibres
  • detection of latent fingerprints.