How is the hereditary information in DNA coded and passed from generation to generation?

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Apr 22, 2017

The hereditary information is coded in groups of three bases. These are a double strand so that 1 strand is a mirror image of the other stand and can be copied


The information is stored in ways very similar to computer codes, with instructions about how to read the code as well as information on the code.

The information stored in the codons ( a group of three bases) can code for an amnio acid or it can code for instruction about what to do with the proteins formed by the amino acids. The complex information found on the DNA is immense but is coded by only four different types of bases.

A always joins with T on the other strand of the DNA and
C always joins with G on the other strand of the DNA.

The DNA can separate into two complimentary strands. The each strand can make a copy of its compliment with the A forming a new T. and the T forming a new A. This way one double strand is copied and becomes two copies of the the original double strand.

The source of the complex information on the DNA is a yet unanswered question.