How Is uniform landscape utilized by fast-food restaurants?

i know it does, but how and why?

1 Answer
Mar 8, 2016

Wow! An interesting question.....


A couple of ideas to get you going:

1) the siting of fast food joints doesn't have any thing to do with landscape. Its all about socio-economic factors, such as, size of surrounding population, demographics, average annual income of people and so on.

2) uniform landscape might be a factor in where they get their product - particular cows! Cows need a lot of land to graze on and this tends to be fairly flat lying or gently rolling. And eating meat in generally creates a huge demand for cow grazing lands and this is having a big impact on the land and environment. There is also pressure on fast food joints to have more humane operations and getting away from intensive and often cruel operations. For example, as pressure from consumers mounts to have free range chickens, instead of closely caged, this also creates more need for land.

As developing countries become more wealthy, they also seem to want to consume more meat. Fast food joints are also under pressure to lose less hormones and antibiotics in their meat products.

Sorry, the best I can come up with!