How many grams of solute are present in 50 mL of 0.360 M sodium chloride?

1 Answer
Jul 11, 2016

There are 1.05g of solute present.


Let's start off with the equation for molarity:

We are given the molarity and the volume of solution. The only issue is that the volume is given in mL instead of L. This issue can be fixed by using the following conversion factor:

#color(white)(aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)1000mL = 1L#

Therefore, if we divide 50mL by 1000mL we will obtain a value of 0.05L.

Next, the equation has to be rearranged to solve for the moles of solute:

Moles of solute = Molarity #xx# Liters of solution

Now, multiply 0.360 M by 0.05:

#("0.360 mol")/("1 L") xx "0.05 L" = "0.018 mol"#

To obtain the mass of solute, we will need to the molar mass of NaCl, which is 58.44 g/mol:

Finally, multiply the number of moles by 58.44 g/mol

#0.018 cancel"mol" xx (58.44g)/(1cancel"mol")#

Boom, here it is: