How to but put multiple line spacing between paragraphs? By default, no matter how many multiple line spacing you add, the display gives single line space.

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Feb 8, 2018


Ok - this works now - put a space in between the two hashtags and you'll get additional paragraph spacing.


Something I just tried and it worked is to put hashtag space hashtag in.

This is my first sentence.

And this is my second sentence (with the default spacing).

# #
And this third sentence has one hashtag hashtag sitting between it and my second sentence (the hashtag hashtag sits next to this sentence).

# #

If I put a space between a sentence and the hashtag hashtag, I can get another line of space.

# #

# #

And this has space, hashtag hashtag, space, hashtag hashtag space, this sentence.

I'm sure there are other ways but this one seems to work.

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