Graphs and helpful videos for these topics ?

  • Tariffs as means of altering trade patterns.
  • Sales tax with perfect elasticity.
  • Elasticity and sales tax incidence.
  • The effect of a price floor set by a marketing board.
  • Long-run changes in prices of farm products.
  • Short-run fluctuations of food prices.
  • The effects of rent-control policy: Market Equilibrium with a price ceiling.
  • The effect of a per-unit tax on Market supply.
  • The tax incidence related to a $15 per-carton excise tax.
  • The tax incidence when Supply is inelastic.
  • Inelastic and elastic graphs

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Nov 7, 2016


Elasticity of demand is available in my playlist.
This is URL address.

For other topics, I need your help. I am in India. Our approach to the subject is a bit different from US and other western countries.
If you recommend a standard text-book with author and publisher, I shall use it as a guide. you have to tell me from where I can purchase.

If possible send me the above said relevant information about maths book prescribed for the school final and college [Subject -Economics] students.

with regards.