How will you arrange the followings in ascending order of acid strength and oxidising capacity? #HClO_4,HClO_3,HClO_2,HClO#

1 Answer
Feb 20, 2017

#HClO, HClO_2, HClO_3, HClO_4 # both as acid strenght both as oxidising capacity


the oxidising capacity generally increase with an increase of oxidation number that goes respectively from +1; + 3, +5, +7
The strenght of acid is due from the inductive effect of the oxigen atoms bonded to the Cloro's one.
More are these atoms, more is the attraction toward the hydrogen electron and therefore the acid strenght.

You can calculate the acid strenght, considering the number of oxigen atoms less the number of hydrogen atoms.

If it is 2 or more the acid is strong (#HNO_3, H_2SO_4 , HClO_4#)

if the number is 1 the acid has a average force (#HNO_2, H_2SO_3 , HClO_2; H_2CO_3, H_3PO_4#);
if the number is 1 the acid has a weak force (#HClO; H_3BO_3#)