How would you balance Ag2O --> Ag + O2?

1 Answer
Nov 18, 2015


#2Ag_2O-> 4Ag + O_2#


How to balance?
We have an equation;
#Ag_2O -> Ag + O_2#
First of all balance the O on both sides, now look at the product side. We have 2 oxygen on right side and on left side we have only 1 oxygen. To balance it, put a coefficient 2 on left side before #Ag_2O# . The equation becomes as
#2Ag_2O -> Ag + O_2#
Now again check the product side, There is 1 Ag but in reactant side there is 4 Ag. Now put coefficient 4 before Ag on right side. The equation becomes as;
#2Ag_2O-> 4Ag + O_2#