How would you compare cell organelles to parts of a car?

1 Answer
Sep 23, 2016

Depends on what kind of cell. I have basic pieces first, then more specialised ones.


Basic organelles;

Cell Membrane : Doors (In control of what enters and leaves the cell)
Cytoplasm : Under the hood (Where the reactions happen)
Mitochondria : Engine (converts fuel into energy)
Vacuole : Boot (stores food, water and waste)
Nucleus : Driver (controls what happens within the cell)
Nuclear membrane : Seat belt (surrounds the nucleus)

Specialised organelles;

Cell wall : Chassis (tough outer shell that provides protection)
Chloroplasts : Solar panels (convert solar energy into energy for the cell / cars features)
Flagellum : Spoilers (behind the body of the cell, related to speed - even though spoilers are more for downforce etc.)