I am correct that if an answer is flagged as needing to be checked, then a different answer is added, followed by the deletion of the original (questioned) answer, the flag remains on the question; it does not disappear with the (deleted) answer?

Assuming that this is what is in fact happening, is it how this should be handled?

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Sep 4, 2017

Good technical question. It may be irrelevant to most users.


I'm not sure if it makes any difference to the "user", as it really is a contributor's request for a check. "Flags" on questions (for content or location) would be different.

A flag on an answer SHOULD only follow that answer. If the answer is deleted for any reason, the flag should go with it. A subsequent response would/should not be flagged unless the person posting it asked for a check.

In practice, most of the readers are not going to pay too much attention to whether it is flagged or not. They will accept the posting as it is.

Sep 4, 2017



For flagged answers that I end up deleting, the flag does not remain with the question. Deleting a flagged answer will remove the flag from the question and from any subsequent answers posted on that question, provided, of course, that these subsequent answers will not get flagged.

So you can rest assured that if a question has an answer that was flagged, you can post a separate answer without running the risk of "inheriting" the flag if/when I end up deleting the original answer--the flagged one.