If Cheyenne correctly marked 1.005, 0.981, 0.899 and 0.93 on a number line, which number would be closest to zero?

1 Answer
Oct 26, 2016

#0.899# is closest to zero.


To find the number closest to zero,

(i) if all numbers are positive, the smallest number is closest to zero.

(ii) if all numbers are negative, the largest number is closest to zero.

(iii) if numbers are mixed, we have to compare the numerical value of largest negative with numerical value of the smallest positive number. The one with smaller numerical value is closest to zero.

Alternatively , just change the sign of negative numbers to positive and order all numbers from smallest to largest. The smallest is closest to zero.

Here all numbers are positive and after ordering smallest will be closest to zero.

The easiest way to order numbers is to write them so that they are up to same places of decimal. So we have here, #1.005, 0.981, 0.899# and #0.93# or #0.930#.

Ordering them from smallest to largest, they are #0.899, 0.930,0.981, 1.005#.

Hence #0.899# is closest to zero.