If the big bang theory is true and taught as science along with evolution, why do the laws of thermodynamics debunk these theories?

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Jun 20, 2015

Hi, actually I suspect that this might be a more Philosophical than purely Physics question.


As a physicist I can only consider the laws and their broad meaning.
First of all remember that a theory is only this...a way that we have to understand and model reality. The good thing about theories is that if we discover new things we can adapt/change our theories accordingly!

I can see now 4 laws of thermodynamics:

1] Zeroth Law: on temperature and thermal equilibrium;
2] First Law: on internal energy and its relationship with transfer of it through heat or work;
3] Second Law: on transformation of heat into work and transformation of heath into non-usable energy (Entropy);
4] Third Law: on Entropy at zero absolute temperature.

All of them, basically, deal with Energy and its management in systems that CHANGE!!!

Living systems like animals or humans and "material" systems such as galaxies, stars and planetary systems, obey to these laws. They represent a flow of energy from hot to cold (the black and empty nothingness), from simplicity to complexity and finally from one to many!!!

You have all the laws of thermodynamics here! A hot, simple unique system moves to become cooler and complex with a lot of parts and highly differentiated as a thermodynamical system that becomes cooler communicating energy through work or heat (expansion or radiation) and increasing complexity (breaking down and differentiating) and in doing so increasing entropy. What I see it is Second Law and Entropy in action!!!

Probably my answer will not satisfy you but remember; yours is a highly philosophical question and as philosophy teaches us…”Philosophy is that thing with which or without it the World continues as it is”!!!!