In May 1864 what did the Army of the Potomac do after losing the Battle of the Wilderness?

1 Answer
Jun 9, 2017

After losing the Battle of the Wilderness Grant wheeled the army and pushed deeper into the south.


Previous Union Generals after losing a battle like the Wilderness would retreat to Washington, replace their loses and give the south time to recover.

Grant lost at least four battles in May of 1865 but after each battle turned and drove deeper south. Grant was more concerned with winning the war than winning battles.

Previous Union General concentrated on winning battles and taking Richmond. Grant realized that the army of Northern Virginia and Robert E. Lee truly represented the Confederacy. Grant was intent on destroying the army of Northern Virginia. Losing battles was secondary to reducing the army under the command of Robert E. Lee.

Grant lost more than 55,000 soldiers in the campaign of 1865 but the Union was able to replace those loses. The army of Northern Virginia was not able to replace their loses. Grant may have lost a number of battles but he won the war. See the book To Hell or Richmond.