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In my profile, how do I get to a page that shows all my Notifications at once, if possible ? So far, I've found the drop down menu for this, but this doesn't allow for prolonged viewing of these, or working with them as a whole. Thanks !!

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Feb 10, 2018


We don't have a way of doing that at the moment.


At the moment, you can access your notifications only by using the notification bell, meaning that we don't have a special page that can display them all at once.

So if you want to look at all the notifications that you received, you must use the notification bell and scroll down all the way through the list by using the Show more button.

Alternatively, you can use the notifications emails that you get from Socratic to keep track of your notifications.

To double-check that you will get an email every time a notification pops up in your notification bell, click on the little drop-down menu located next to your profile picture and select Email settings.

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