In my socratic account, I, myself have not set my profile photo. It thame automatically. How? I don't even have that in my phone.

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Mar 1, 2017


Yes, it is.


The idea is that we can't always assume that newcomers will take the time to add a profile photo when they first create their Socratic accounts.

Some people do, but most don't, so we assign a stock photo to every profile that gets created on the site.

The image you see now is actually a stock photo that sometimes gets assigned to new profiles. You'll find that there are a few other profiles on Socratic that share the same stock photo.

So yes, stock images are assigned automatically to avoid having profiles that don't have a photo. You can change that image at any time by editing your profile.

Check out this Socratic answer for more info on how to change your profile photo.

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