Is chromatin a DNA strand not yet in the form of chromosomes?

2 Answers

The chromatin is DNA packed with histone proteins.


The chromatin is DNA and histone proteins. The DNA and histone proteins are the main components of the chromosomes.

The DNA strands in the nucleus of the cell are packaged along with special proteins termed histones to form chromatin threads.

The chromatin becomes highly coiled and dehydrated to appear as distinct chromosomes.

Nov 20, 2016

Chromatin is chromosome in uncoiled and hydrated state.


From the following illustration you will be able to understand that chromatin undergoes packaging to appear as chromosome.

Chromatin is chemically an integration of DNA and histone. In interphase nucleus it remains in hydrated and uncoiled condition. It undergoes dehydration and coiling when the cell enters in divisional stage, hence appear as distict chromosomes.