Is it possible to become a founder of a subject in beta?

I am really interested in supporting Astrophysics and I am trying to contribute every day. I would like to become a founder and help as much as I can to get is launched. How or can I do this?

1 Answer
May 16, 2016

Not in the "traditional" manner...


As you know, new subjects get promoted to beta status based on the number of contributors that sign up as founders.

Requests from potential founders are processed by the team, and contributors who get approved appear listed as "official" founders for that subject.

However, once the subject gets moved in beta, the "official" founder status in no longer important.

You can help a subject graduate from beta by contributing every day, and you certainly don't need to be listed as founder to do that. Almost all of the subjects that ever graduated from beta had as top contributors people who didn't sign up as founders.

So, you don't need to sign up as a founder once a subject is in beta. At that point, anyone can help and climb to the top of the leaderboard by making daily contributions.

In fact, you are currently #9^"th"# in the Astrophysics leaderboard

And since all you have to do to climb in the leaderboard is to write at least one answer or make one edit per day, you're already doing your part to help Astrophysics graduate! :)

Long story short, for subjects that are currently in beta, the "founder" label doesn't mean anything -- you contributed, ergo you are a founder.