Does magnesium have anti-inflammatory properties?

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Feb 21, 2018

Studies published in the last few years confirm that magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties in humans.


In fact, animal studies have proven for a long time that magnesium deficiency induces a systemic inflammatory response, releasing powerful free-radicals and inflammatory cytokines.

While scientists previously believed that the measurement of magnesium in the human blood is accurate, they recently realized that only a tiny percentage of this mineral exists in the serum (blood) and the rest it is stored in muscles, bones and various organs.

The best measurement would be intracellular (inside cells), or you could analyze your symptoms. See this short video:

A more accurate test is needed in every clinic and hospital and specialists like Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD and many others are suggesting the Magnesium RBC Test, or the Ionized Magnesium Test.

Government studies on the mineral composition of conventional (non-organic) fruits and vegetables show that much less magnesium is available in them today, comparing to 50 years ago.

This anomaly is perhaps due to poor soils and to the fact that this vital mineral is not commonly added to fertilizers.

Due to a lack of magnesium in nutritionally-poor diets (and to other causes), 60-80% of people in the United States are now deficient of this nutrient.

Such a large percentage would be enough to trigger an epidemic. If the deficiency lasts long enough in the body, it could lead to the metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases.

To remedy the deficiency, the researchers specializing in the study of this nutrient suggest supplementation with magnesium chloride, magnesium citrate, or magnesium glycinate (which are more bioavailable to the human body), instead of the oxide form.

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