Is "noodle(s)" considered a countable noun or an uncountable one?

2 Answers
Feb 5, 2016

'Noodles' is NOTan uncountable noun. Following the extended discussion below I agree that 'noodles' is a countable noun.


'Noodles' is not an uncountable noun but can on occasion be used like one - for example "Noodles are a staple food in Japan".

Feb 23, 2016

It is countable.


Noodles can be referred to in both the singular form (the noodle) and the plural form (the noodles).

Examples in the singular form, which is less common:

  • After eating one more noodle, I felt full.
  • I split the dry noodle into two before putting it in the pot.
  • The noodle fell off my plate.
  • The dogs in "Lady and the Tramp" kissed thanks to a single noodle.

Examples in the plural form:

  • I like my spaghetti noodles on the harder side.
  • I made instant noodles as a snack last night.
  • Noodles are typically made of wheat.
  • Which do you prefer: noodles or rice?