Is the following sentence missing any apostrophes? If so, where?: The mayors aide forgot the constituents names.

1 Answer
May 29, 2018

"The mayor's aide forgot the constituents' names."


Any time a noun has possession of something, it needs an apostrophe. The apostrophe should be placed immediately after the noun, and before any added "s" sound.

For "mayors", it is the mayor that possesses an aide, and so we write "mayor's aide".

For "constituents", there are more than one constituent, and so we need to indicate that it is the names of all the constituents that were forgotten. We write "constituents' names".

Note: pronouns never take apostrophes. Pronouns are words like "it", "him", "her", and "you". To make these words possessive, we would write:

  • it #-># its
  • him #-># his
  • her #-># her
  • you #-># your
  • etc.