Is the following sentence missing any apostrophes? If so, where?: The stores policies on refunds is very accommodating.

1 Answer
Mar 21, 2016

Yes, it should be "The store's policies on refunds is very accommodating". An apostrophe is required before the s.


An apostrophe is required when a noun is used in a possessive form. The policies belong to the store, so the store is possessive.

We can also tell that the s on stores is not to make it plural as the verb to be is in its singular form is. So, the apostrophe goes before the s.

Another way of looking at possessive nouns is to rewrite the clause "The store's policies" as "The policies of the store". This makes it clear that the store owns the policies.

If the sentence is put into the plural then the apostrophe comes after the s we get "The stores' policies on refunds are very accommodating".