Is the word "impact" a countable or uncountable noun?

We had a debate about this word, so if you can help me and give me examples, I would really appreciate it.

1 Answer
May 8, 2016

The word 'impact' is countable as well as uncountable.


Some nouns are countable as well as uncountable depending on their use.
One of the example of this kind of nouns is 'impact'.

1) When 'impact' means “the effect or influence that an
event, situation etc. has on someone or something”, it is countable.
Example:The impact of peer pressure on teenagers
tends to be reflected in certain types of behavior.

2) When 'impact' means “the force or one object hitting
another”, it can be countable or uncountable
depending on how it is used.
- When 'impact' is used to mean a number of different
forces, it is countable.
Example : The impacts of momenta are not easy to
-When 'impact' means the collective force or one object
hitting another it is uncountable.
Example: The impact of the vehicles hitting the wall was
sufficient to damage the building.

There are few more words such as 'technology' and 'development' which can be used as countable as well as uncountable. But I won't go in their details. Hope this helps :)