Is the word "of" a verb? If not, what part of speech is it? Thanks!

1 Answer
Mar 11, 2018

See below:


"Of" is not a verb. Verbs are actions or occurrences, but "of" is not, so it is not a verb. Examples of verbs are:

  • walk, give, command, laugh

"Of" is a preposition, it is used to show that a person or an object belongs to, or is related to, something. Like in this sentence:

  • The first song of the performance was Mary Had a Little Lamb.

This sentence shows that "first song" is related to "performance".

Some other prepositions are:

  • on, after, around, for

She stood on the ground. ("stood" is related to "ground")
The Jones ate dessert after dinner. ("dessert" is related to "dinner)

Hope this helped!