Is there a meet-and-greet discussions thread in Socratic?

I haven't seen a discussions thread where Socratic members can meet and discuss things with each other. If we had more open dialogue, we'd learn a whole lot about others and learn how they teach and learn! I think it would bolster our community as whole.

1 Answer
May 11, 2018

Nope, but...


... this is not final.

We actually had a number of meet-and-greet threads a few years ago, but they quickly "degenerated" into random discussion topics that had nothing to do with learning/teaching or the community itself.

A lot of contributors, especially newcomers who had no intention of actually becoming regular members of the community, started spamming these threads with answers that clogged up the feeds and quickly became a distraction from what we do here on Socratic.

So we decided to remove these threads and continue to support the interaction between the members of the community in the comments sections and via personal notes. At that point, we restricted the type of content that contributors and students can add in Meta #-># see this old answer.

That being said, there's always a chance that these meet-and-greet threads will make a comeback in the future, especially given the fact that our community is growing at an exponential rate :D