Is there a possibility that we can zoom in on members' impact maps?

I know it's just an aesthetic feature, but I often want to zoom in to get a clearer view of a given place on a well-populated map - for example I wish I could see how many people from my town Stefan V. or other popular users have helped.

1 Answer
May 7, 2018


Not at the moment.


This sounds like a very cool feature to have, but I don't expect the team to add this to the site anytime soon.

The team has made the development of the Socratic app its main priority, so any new features that we could add to the site have been put on the shelf for now. Mind you, this situation will change in the future, but for the time being, the site is in maintenance mode, i.e. new features are no longer added.

Moreover, the impact map has had some issues that the team has been trying to address--more info on that in this post--so for all intents and purposes, we will have to settle for the current version of the impact map for now.

That said, improving the impact map to give contributors the ability to zoom in and out is something that's already on the team's list for the future, so it's pretty much a matter of when as opposed to of if this will happen.