Is there a way to calculate what the products will be for SO2+Br+H2O?

In a textbook problem, my task was to write down the products and calculate the coefficients for

I had only practiced reactions with two participants before that moment. I failed to guess what the products would be, and went googling. The reaction is as follows:

Was there any way to calculate the products in advance?

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Feb 12, 2016

There is something I would call a chemical intuition.


There are many reactions you can see for the first time in spite of going through many during your studies. But sometimes you can have a feeling of what's going to happen in a reaction.

Here we now that #SO_2# likes to form an acid. The most probable one is #H_2SO_4#. Following that we can assume that it will take the oxygen and hydrogen from water. We are left with one hydrogen and bromine. What can they make? #HBr#!