Is there a way to view what questions are requested by others for an answer?

I don't see this feature on the website but I do see this when you go on a mobile site of Socratic. Any ideas?

1 Answer
Apr 26, 2017


You can see the questions, but not the requests.


Questions requested by others get automatically bumped to the top of the feed, so that's one way of telling which questions have been requested.

As far as actually seeing the requests, you are right, that is no longer available on the website. It used to be that we could see who requested an answer to a question, i.e. their location, but that feature has been removed at some point in the past.

I don't remember exactly what happened, but the team decided to pull the plug about a year ago [rough estimation].

To be honest, I didn't know that you can still see it on the mobile version [I don't use the mobile version at all], but I guess that it made sense to leave it active for the mobile version.

That's pretty much all the info I can give you...