Is there any way I can monitor the edits and changes to my answers? Most contributors made a comment when the changes are made. Most edits add value to the answers and are welcome. Some however change the meaning of the answer.

1 Answer
Oct 14, 2017

Technically, yes.


Every time a user edits one of your answers, you will get a notification by way of the notification bell, which implies that no one can actually edit your answers without you knowing that it happened.

Most of the times, the changes made when another contributor edits one of your answers are easy to distinguish, but when that's not the case, you can send me a note and I'll share the pre and post-edit versions of the answer.

As a rule of thumb, we encourage users to leave a comment describing the changes they made when editing an answer, so most of the times, edits are not made without a description of the changes.

It's worth mentioning that answers can only be edited by trusted members of the community, i.e. newcomers cannot edit answers written by other contributors.

That said, if you feel like someone edited your answer to the extent that its original meaning is compromised, let me know, I'll swing by and investigate.