Is there any way to sort questions by date?

I've noticed that some questions on the site are REALLY old. Like, more than a year old. I enjoy helping people with their questions, but I can't imagine something that old is very useful anymore. Is there any way to filter results by age of question or sort the questions by date?

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Feb 18, 2018



For starters, you are right, some of the questions that you see are really old, but that doesn't mean that answering them is pointless.

We recycle every question that goes unanswered because even if the student who asked the question probably moved on, there are always other students that could benefit from an answer.

In essence, our main goal has always been to build for the future. Don't get me wrong, we want all the students who ask questions on Socratic to get answers in time to help with their homework or exams, but sadly enough, that's not possible given the high number of questions that we get every day.

So instead of deleting the questions that go unanswered after a period of time, say a week or a month, we keep them around in hopes that the answers that will eventually get will help students in the future.

Anyway, to answer your question, no, we don't have a way of sorting questions by date. However, most of the questions that you see in your activity feed are already sorted by date because new questions have priority over old questions.

Sure, you'll find some old ones in there as well because of the reasons I just mentioned, but for the most part, the questions that are at the top of the feed are the most recent ones.