What are @mentions and how do they work?

1 Answer

@mentions is a new feature on Socratic that allows you to tag another user in a comment.

How do @mentions work?

When you are writing a comment and would like to tag someone else, simply type the @ sign and then begin typing their name. You will see suggestions based on what you've typed. When you click the correct account, it will appear as a hyperlink in your comment that will link to the person's profile.

What about notifications?

When you @mention someone in a comment, they will receive an on-site notification via the bell next to their profile photo on the top right of the screen that links to the answer beneath which you tagged them.

If you receive a notification like this, it means someone @mentioned you! Click the link to see what they said.

How should I use @mentions?

@mentions will be great when you want to collaborate with someone on a problem, ask someone a specific question, or discuss something with them.

Beyond that, @mentions should be used however you like! Excited to see the new ways we can talk to and connect with each other using this feature.