What are streaks and how do they work?

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Aug 26, 2015

What are streaks?

You may have noticed a white or orange flame with a number next to it up at the top of your screen (next to your notifications bell).

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The number represents your current daily contribution streak! That is, how many days you've contributed to Socratic in a row.

Streaks are a way of keeping track of the number of days in a row that you’ve made Socratic a better place to learn for students.

Why keep track? If you're coming back multiple days in a row to share your knowledge, you (and the world!) should know that you. are. on. fire.

How do streaks work?

To get a streak going, come back to Socratic two days in a row and write an answer (or edit) both days. The flame will be orange if you’ve made a contribution today and kept your streak going, and white or grey if you haven't.

Want to know the length of your current streak? How about your longest streak ever? Find both* on your profile page (below your photo and contribution graph):

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*If you're not currently on a streak, only your longest streak will appear.

Streaks reset at the same time every day.

Oh, and we used historical data when calculating streaks (so your longest streak takes into account everything you've done since the day you joined Socratic, not just starting today).

We hope streaks can be one more way you can feel the impact of your contributions on Socratic and students everywhere.

Go learning!