What are collections and how can I use them?

1 Answer

Ever come across a question you want to answer or edit later? Or ever find a great answer you want to save for your Biology study guide?

Collections are a way to do this, by tracking questions and answers you want to save for later.


If you've contributed to Socratic, you'll see a star under the question on a question page, like this:

Clicking on the star will let you add the question to one of the three default collections: "Answer Later", "Edit Later", or "Favorites", or to a custom collection that you can create from the same menu:
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You can see all your collections by visiting https://socratic.org/collections, and can explore each collection from there.

As with most things we do, we're starting simple. Today you can:

  • create unlimited new collections, and can add and remove questions to them
  • browse your collections on the phone, but can't add/remove on the phone yet
  • share a collection by sharing the link with a friend or class, but your list of collections is always private.

As we see how the community uses collections, we can add new features and content types to collections: users, topics, specific answers, etc.

Excited to see how you use them!