Meghan says "I have a puppet that is 10cm all and a second puppet that is 15cm tall. When I place them next to each other infront of a light source, the first puppets shadow is 32cm tall and the second puppet's shadow is 46.5cm tall. Is this possible?

Explain why or why not..

It would mean the world if someone can help me. Please and Thankyou.

1 Answer
Mar 15, 2018

Yes, it is possible.


Only if the light source is at a very large distance, compared to the dimensions of the objects and the distance between them,

that the rays will be or can be considered as parallel. In such a case the heights of the objects will be proportional to length of their shadow, which is notso here as in the case of first puppet, the ratio is #32/10=3.2# and in case of second puppet, it is #46.5/15=3.1#.

As the ratio in case of second puppet is smaller, the light source is not at a very large distance and second puppet is nearer to light source.