Please help me! Is it possible that lactic acid can be reacted with concentrated aqueous solution of potassium alum at pH 3 ????? Please answer my question with explanation Thank you so much?

Thank you

1 Answer
Feb 5, 2017

Yes, it can react with the potassium and aluminum ions, but I do not know if the product is separable from the solution or not.


Both alum and lactic acid are stable in solution at pH 3. Lactic acid will react to form potassium lactate, but that compound is also in solution. I don’t know if any separation can be effected. So, although all the compounds are possible, in solution they may be indistinguishable.

Lactic acid’s low solubility may result in equilibrium shift toward potassium lactate in the indicated solution. Competition between potassium lactate and aluminum lactate formation may be an issue if you only want a particular form. Both are very soluble in water.