Should we use math GIFs in answers? Are they helpful in explaining certain math concepts?

1 Answer
Feb 20, 2015

Yes, use GIFs, images, and videos whenever they make it easier to learn the necessary concepts.

People have different learning styles, and seeing a concept explained visually is often the best way to understand it. We encourage the use of quality, clear media in answers.

For example, this GIF by LucasVB helps people visually, and intuitively, understand the irrational number #pi#:

LucasVB / Wikipedia

There are a lot of great GIFs out there already, which we hope are used in answers, and we also hope that many more are created to support the great text answers on Socratic.

In the long run, we hope every answer on Socratic is supported by the best images, GIFs, and other rich media.