Why should I write an answer?

1 Answer
Feb 12, 2015

To make learning easier!

There are many reasons to write an answer! We believe that teaching is intrinsically rewarding and we want to build a platform that lets anyone contribute to teach the world.

So why should you write an answer. You might not be a professional teacher and you may find a lot of the questions on Socratic difficult to answer, but one thing that's certain is that no one knows everything but everyone knows something.

And even the things that we only kind of know, we might still know enough to help someone. So whether you've been teaching Chemistry for 30 years, or you just finished the unit on Stoichiometry in your high school Chemistry class, there's a question out there that thousands of students have today and millions will have in the future that you can answer. We want to make it easy for you to find that question so you can help someone, somewhere in the world, understand things a little better.

In fact, by answering a question, you're not just helping the one student who happened to post the question to Socratic, but also every student everywhere who comes to Socratic looking for a well-written explanation for that concept that they're having trouble with. Then the thank you's will start pouring in from around the world as students everywhere use your explanation to expand their understanding and education.

When you answer a question on Socratic, you'll see just how amazing it feels to know that you've made a difference in someone's life by making learning easier.