The radius of a circle is 5.5 cm. What is the circumference in meters?

2 Answers
Nov 5, 2015

C = 0.11#pi# or 0.3456 m


To find circumference of a circle when you have the radius, you use the formula C = 2#pi#r. In this question r = 5.5 cm but because we want centimeters, we use r = 0.055 m. C = 20.055#pi# = 11#pi#. Some teachers let you leave #pi# in the answer, if they don't, it multiplies out to 0.3456 m.

Nov 5, 2015

34.55 cm or.345 meters


Radius is 5.5 cm.
Circumference = pi x diamter
( diameter of a circle is the radius x 2)
C=Pi x 11
C=34.55cm/ 100 (because there are 100 cm in meter}