Using the Brønsted-Lowry concept of acids and bases, which is the Brønsted-Lowry acid and base in the following reaction? (CH3)2NH(g)+BF3(g)→(CH3)2NHBF3(s)

1 Answer
Jul 3, 2014

You cannot apply the Brønsted-Lowry theory to this reaction, because a proton is not transferred during the reaction.

This is a Lewis acid-base reaction.

(CH₃)₂NH: + BF₃ → (CH₃)₂N⁺H-B⁻F₃

The dimethylamine is the Lewis base, because it donates an electron pair to form the B-N bond in the Lewis adduct.

The BF₃ is the Lewis acid, because it accepts the electron pair to form the B-N bond.

Hope this helps.