Was the battle of Gettysburg a victory or draw from the Northern standpoint?

1 Answer
Jun 22, 2017

Gettysburg was a major victory from the Northern standpoint.


The Confederacy was invading the north in the campaign that lead to Gettysburg. Fresh off the victory against general Hooker at Chancelerburg, the south was on the aggression. A victory at Gettysburg could have resulted in the Confederacy achieving independence.

After three days of battle the army of Northern Virginia was beaten and battered. The Confederate forces retreated back to Virginia, leaving the Northern forces in command of the fields of Gettysburg.
The Confederate forces because of their loses at Gettysburg would never again be able to invade the north or threaten Northern cities or Washington DC.

By most definitions the Union won the battle of Gettysburg. The south retreated, the Union held the field of battle, and the south lost the initiative in the Civil War. Gettysburg was a turning point in the Civil War in favor of the Union.