What are 5 factors that affect reaction rates?

1 Answer
May 12, 2017

Use the acronym C.A.N.T.C. => Concentration effects, Area (surface area), Nature (structural effects of compound), Temperature (energy effects) and Catalysts.


The scope of this topic is covered in a broader context in Chemical Kinetics which is the study of rates of reaction. For the most part the central objective is to derive a rate law in terms of the rate factor of interest. To do so is essentially a comparative examination of changing the conditions of a reaction with respect to the rate factors.

Concentration => Rate = f(changing concentration of reactants and comparing rates of reaction)

Area => Rate = f(surface area of reactant exposed to ignition source)

Nature => f(changes in chemical composition of reagents in the reaction)

Temperature => f(rates as a function of changing temperature conditions of the reaction system)

Catalysts => f(reagents that change the rate of a reaction system without itself being consumed by the process).