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What are examples of objective case?

1 Answer


The objective case are the nouns or pronouns that function as an object in a sentence.


The objective cases are direct object , indirect object , and object of a preposition .

When a noun is used in the objective case, it doesn't change the form of the word. Examples:
We have an appointment today. (direct object)
We gave John a ride. (indirect object, the direct object is 'ride')
We made something for the picnic . (the noun 'picnic' is the object of the preposition 'for')

When a pronoun is used in the objective case, it may be a different form from the subjective case.
The pronouns that have a different objective form are:
I -> me
we -> us
he -> him
she -> her
they -> them
who -> whom
All other pronouns remain the same in the subjective and objective case.

Examples of pronouns in the objective case:
The taxi will pick us up at noon. (direct object)
The teacher gave him the assignment. (indirect object, the direct object is 'assignment')
They came to visit and brought the baby with them . (object of the preposition 'with')
To whom do I give my completed application. (object of the preposition 'to')
You can bring your brother with you . (the pronoun 'you' functioning as the subject of the sentence and as the object of the preposition 'with')