What are some common mistakes students make with nuclear reactions?

1 Answer
Dec 25, 2017

Beimg a student of 10th grade , i know about some common misconceptions :-
1)."law of conservation of mass doesn't always hold true" this statement is wrong , but yet we can't imfer that law of conservation of mass holds true for nuclear reactions .
It has been specified that law of conservation of mass is aplicable to chemical reactions not #color(indigo)("nuclear")#.

2). We get to know about #color (orange)(E=mc^(2))# , seeing this equation , one might think anything with energy must have mass but it is wrong . the correct statement would be , anything with a considerate ammount of energy will have #color ( green)("relativistic mass")# not #color (blue)("rest mass")#

3). If you listen about radiations for the first time , you may think 'what is it?' , radiations means that particles like #gamma#(photon) {of high frequency like x-rays} are emmited which are really dangerous .