What are some cures for absent mindedness?

1 Answer
Apr 22, 2016

Many psychologists are starting to teach a non-religious version of Buddhist mindfulness to treat a number of problems.


Mindfulness mediation is part of Buddhist spirituality but over the last 30 years or so has been adopted by western psychologist to treat various disorders (stress, ability to concentrate, being empathetic with others, memory, etc.)

Mindfulness starts with paying attention to your breath as it comes in and goes out and with skill, can be broadened to everyday things in your life - like, helping with absent mindless.

For example, mindfulness applied to absent mindedness would have you do something like....when dropping your keys down, you would slow down, look at your hand as it puts your keys down on the kitchen counter and you might even say to yourself...."setting keys on the kitchen counter". This slowing down and being really attentive in the present moment to what you are doing, can really help with absent mindedness.