What are some examples of acids?

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May 9, 2014

Acids are substances that give up Hydrogen ions in solution.

Acids are corrosive to metals while releasing Hydrogen gas, have a pH between 0 and 6.9 and are sour to the taste.

There are many common substances that are acids: lemon juice (citric acid), vinegar (acetic acid), stomach acid, and soda pop (carbonic acid).

Acids typically are ionic having a positive hydrogen ion attached to a negative anion.

Binary Acids are two element molecules containing Hydrogen and a single element anion, examples area:

#HCl# - Hydrochloric Acid
#HF# - Hydrofluoric Acid
#HBr# - Hydrobromic Aid

Oxy Acids are acids having a positive hydrogen Ion attached to a polyatomic anion containing Oxygen.

#HNO_2# - Nitrous Acid
#HNO_3# - Nitric Acid
#H_2SO_3# - Sulfurous Acid
#H_2SO_4# - Sulfuric Acid

I hope this was helpful.