What are some examples of apical meristems?

1 Answer
Jul 14, 2015
          Shoot apex and Root apex are two common examples of apical meristems.


            Shoot apex and root apex are common apical meristems in   plants.
            Both shoot apex and root apex have meristemic tissue at the apex. The cells continue diving mitotically, adding to the cells, which get  differentiated into different tissues.
            Apical meristems are type of primary meristems and add to the linear growth of the respective organ.
           Shoot apex and root apex add to the linear growth of shoot and root, respectively. 
           The structure of shoot apex and root apex is different.
           In shoot apex, the apical meristem is covered and protected by overlapping young leaf primordia. 
           However the root apex is naked and is protected by root cap, made up of tissue formed by the activity of the meristematic cells of the root apex.  
          The cells in the root cap get destroyed due to frictional forces of the soil particles and are continuously replaced by new cells by meristenatic cells in root apex.